Update: I am back in the DPRK!

I am back in the DPRK, and super excited to be in the lovely city of Pyongyang again. Obviously, I don’t have Internet access, so I wrote this entry ahead of time with an auto-post. 🙂

My previous trip a couple months ago was a blast but there are a couple of things I didn’t have a chance to do, like fly Air Koryo, the world’s only one-star yet functional airline, attend the Mass Games, and stay at the Yanggakdo and visit its infamous secret 5th floor. It looks like I may have a chance to do fun stuff like visit the new amusement park recently inaugurated by the respected Kim Jong Un, but I won’t know until, probably, the last minute. Above all, every trip is a chance to build a tiny, even flimsy bridge with Humanity beside us and learn about others that we think we may not have much in common with.

When I heard that this year might mark the final installment of the Arirang Mass Games, I arranged for a trip to Pyongyang within the hour. While nothing’s ever certain, and the Mass Games may continue in a way or another, I couldn’t pass on such an opportunity to live history. And despite draught, flooding, and a flurry of other natural disasters, the show is still going on this year. I will be there, reporting back shortly… or not so shortly, since I still have a week’s worth of previous experiences to share before I can touch on my second trip 🙂

Happy and safe travels to all!


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