Faces of Pyongyang, part 1: Pyongyang the beautiful

This post in the first in a series in which I will attempt to lift the curtain on some antagonistic facets of Pyongyang, and debunk some common myths. Rather than sharing details on a specific experience, I will draw from my overall impressions over my last two trips to the capital.

In the words of John Everard, former UK ambassador to the DPRK, in his memoir Only Beautiful, Please: A British Diplomat in North Korea: “Pyongyang is not an unattractive city.”

Pyongyang by day

I couldn’t put it better myself. Perhaps because of widespread misconceptions, or perhaps because it’s simply difficult to associate communist townships with elegant architecture and lively neighborhoods, I came expecting a somewhat drab and gloomy city. As it turns out, Pyongyang is neither. It can be elegant, green, dynamic, relaxing, and even festive.

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